Chice your Right Solution for your Travel needs.

We provide different kind of services, all of them are Private Transfer or Disposal Services for you and your Guests here in our Main Area.

  • Point to Point Services
  • Disposal Services
  • Tour Services
  • Tailor Made Services
  • Main Cities Services

Point to Point Services

We execute each single Service as per our Best, providing Professional Limousine and Taxi Drivers (or Personal Chauffeurs) Fully Licensed and Standard or Luxury Vehicles as per your and your Guests requests. The Point to Point Service is our Basical Transfer Service, it could start from the Airport (in Venice or in Treviso Airport for example) for reaching your final destination in the Dolomites Area.

Point to Point Services by Book Taxi Dolomite Company.
Point to Point Services.

Disposal Services

Usually the Guests or Clients that are looking for a disposal service are looking for something of Special. They would like to have the Limousine Driver at their disposal for the whole period of time that could be just for few hours or for different days. Our Company knows this kind of Service and can provide different Experiences for your and our Guests.

Disposal Services by Book Taxi Dolomite Company.
Disposal Services.

Tour Services

Any Tour could Special with our Company. We can create for you and your Guests Special Experiences starting from the Main Area of the Dolomites and reaching the Main Cities of Italy like Venice, Verona, Milan, Florence, Maranello, Bologna… and in order to create Special Day Tours in these Locations. Our Offices manage different destinations so we can offer you and to your Guests real life Experiences in each City.

Tour Services by Book Taxi Dolomite Company.
Venice in Italy.

Tailor Made Services

We really know that our Guests are looking for something of Special, not just for All… but something that could be meet their Expectations. For this reason we are able to provide the Best Tailor Made Services for our Guests and Clients. Not just the first solution but a real combination of Services that can match what they like and waht they are looking for.

Tailor Made Services by Book Taxi Dolomite Company.
Tailor Made Services.

We suggest you and to your Clients to feel free to contact our Staff / Team and send us and Email for requesting which service is more suitable for your or their Travel needs. Our Main Email is: